00 Boys Elite

The 00 Boys Elite are the 2015 South Carolina Youth Soccer U14 State Champions. With the win the team will travel to Little Rock to represent South Carolina in June at the 2015 Southeastern Regional Championship. The 2015 State Championship is the teams second in a row- winning the U13 State Championship in 2014. 
The 00 Boys Elite faced SC United Columbia 00 Boys Palmetto in their first round game, winning 3-0 at CW-Flowers on Saturday May 2nd.  
In the semi final, the 00 Boys Elite played Coast FA. Coast FA were hungry to beat the reigning Champions. After ten minutes, the score was 2-1 to Coast with the 00 Boys Elite reduced to 10 players due a questionable sending off.  Coast was able to extend their lead to 3-1 to start the second half. The 00 Boys Elite showed some major resolve as the team battled back to equalize the game before scoring the game winner in the final minutes. 
The final was to be decided between our 00 Boys Elite & SC United Columbia 00 Boys Elite. Our team started fast, creating numerous chances and looking likely to score. As the game wore on, the Columbia 00 Boys Elite started to get more of the game. The effort spent in the semi-final appeared to be taking its toll on the Mount Pleasant team. Our 00 Boys Elite were able to bend without breaking under Columbia's pressure. Showing the same determination from the previous day, the Mount Pleasant team was able to get a late goal to earn their second State Championship.
The 00 Boys Elite coach for the past three years, Matt Parmer had the following to say on his teams performance "It would be impossible to be more proud of how the team responded to the challenges we faced this weekend.  Trailing 3-1 with 10 men on Saturday our boys showed some major determination and selfless effort to battle their way back in the game. Also late in the State final match, with physical and emotional energy at a low, the boys were able to step up to earn the win. Our team is looking forward to the honor of representing South Carolina at the 2015 Southeast Region Championship."